Dog Grooming is Beneficial to Your Puppy’s Health

There is no doubt that having a dog is a fabulous experience for everyone in your family.

Puppies and dogs are great companions. It is important for dog owners to not only provide the basics like love, food water and shelter, but also accommodate their basic care needs such as being groomed.

Grooming is beneficial to keep your dog happy and healthy. Here are some of thereasons that dog grooming is so important:

Maintains Skin Health – Regular grooming helps puppies and dogs maintain healthier skin. Dirty or matted fur can be problematic for dogs of all sizes. By keeping your dog regularly groomed, changes in their skin conditions can be recognized and treated quickly.

Detect Pest Outbreaks – By keeping your dog groomed, you can detect flea and tick breakouts faster. By diagnosing the problem early, you are able to take steps to treat the problem and kill the bugs before it becomes a much larger problem in your home.

Your Dog Looks Great – People have no trouble figuring out what dogs are well cared for and which ones aren’t. By getting your dog groomed, you are keeping his fur at a manageable length and keeping his toenails trimmed for safety and comfort.

If your dog could benefit from a professional grooming, schedule an appointment to have one of the grooming experts at Pet Fashion by Carlos take care of your dog today!

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